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Nude Nail Polish ~ Essie & OPI Guide for Every Skin Tone
Below is a list of colors by Essie and OPI of nude shades that will go beautifully with every skin tone. The rule of thumb when it comes to nude nail polish is that nude shades look best when nails are shorter versus longer. Fair:  Essie ~ Power Lunch, It's Delicate, and Ballet Slippers  OPI ~ Samoan Sand, At First Site, and Makes Men Blush; Med Skin to Olive Tones:  Essie ~ Mambo, A Lot of Shekels, Cool Lots, and Cafe Forgot  OPI ~ Tickle My Francey; Light Skin:  Essie ~ Mink Muffs, Eternal Optimist, Cool Lots, Cafe Forgot, and Sand of a Beach  OPI~ Java Mauve-A and Country Khaki; Dark Skin:  Essie ~ Mink Muffs and Over the Knee  OPI ~ Over the Taupe, Chocolate Mousse, and Chocolate Shake-Speare; Deep Chocolate Skin Tones:  OPI ~ Mauving to Manitoba, I'm Fondue of You, Espresso Your Style, Can You Tapas This, and YDKJ.