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Sunday, April 19, 2015

It's So Great To Be Back!

I am officially renewed and inspired. I can't believe it's been three years since my last post. It's so good to be back. A lot has happened since 2012. My son is almost two. My life as a wife and working mom has taken on a whole new level to multi-tasking! Life has a way with things. I just left from a major bonding weekend with my sorority sisters. It was our fifteen year reunion. Thirty-five sisters gathered together. We shared tears, laughter, and struggles. It was so refreshing to see such strong women all have a since of transparency and a new found love for one another. My only expression as I left that Sunday was tears of joy. I couldn't stop them from flowing. A last minute Q&A forum took place earlier that day. So many questions were overflowing about anti-aging. No doubt one of the things we fear the most as we get older. Great questions were asked which has inspired me to write again! So, stay tuned for easier tips on everything beauty. I will help you navigate through this thing called aging. New research and product suggestions to keep you current. Exciting things to come at SHB. Stay tuned and visit often!

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