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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Go Nude and Be Gorgeous!

Nude is IN! The trend for Spring ~ any and all things nude! The color nude that is. When it comes to your lips, your nail polish color, and your wardrobe, it is all about the various shades of cream, beige, sandy, apricot, caramel, coffee, and mocha ~ every hue and shade is ready for you.  The weather is steadily warming up, so it's time to get your mind, skin, and beauty ready to experience nude. This is your go-to guide on keeping this trend simple. You will find the Top 5 Tips on finding the perfect nude shade when deciding your lip and nail color, how to incorporate nude shade variations into your wardrobe, and of course talking about getting your natural skin tone ready for Spring.

#1  Nude Lips ~ Choosing the Right Shade for You!
It is very important to choose the right shade. Look at your natural skin color. A rule of thumb is to choose two shades lighter or two shades darker than your skin color and to always try on the various shades before you buy. Do not look at a picture or display and "think" that's the right shade for you, so make sure and put it on first. Sometimes a nude look can make you look washed out, so using a lip pencil in a neutral shade will help to give depth to your lips and if you don't want to go completely nude, try a sheer gloss to emphasize your lips. A natural and nude lip will always look great on your face. If you know of an actress that is similar in skin tone, check to see what hues she wears as this can be a great guideline in deciding the right shade and look for you. Try Colorescience Lip Shine SPF35 in Champagne or Lip Serum in Nude. Check out the details here.  

#2 Nude Nail Polish ~ Essie & OPI Guide for Every Skin Tone
Below is a list of colors by Essie and OPI of nude shades that will go beautifully with every skin tone. The rule of thumb when it comes to nude nail polish is that nude shades look best when nails are shorter versus longer. I got this color guide from a great website called http://www.thestyleandbeautydoctor.com./ A great resource. The shades are below. Fair:  Essie ~ Power Lunch, It's Delicate, and Ballet Slippers  OPI ~ Samoan Sand, At First Site, and Makes Men Blush; Med Skin to Olive Tones:  Essie ~ Mambo, A Lot of Shekels, Cool Lots, and Cafe Forgot  OPI ~ Tickle My Francey; Light Skin:  Essie ~ Mink Muffs, Eternal Optimist, Cool Lots, Cafe Forgot, and Sand of a Beach  OPI~ Java Mauve-A and Country Khaki; Dark Skin:  Essie ~ Mink Muffs and Over the Knee  OPI ~ Over the Taupe, Chocolate Mousse, and Chocolate Shake-Speare; Deep Chocolate Skin Tones:  OPI ~ Mauving to Manitoba, I'm Fondue of You, Espresso Your Style, Can You Tapas This, and YDKJ.

#3 Incorporating Nude Shades into Your Wardrobe
The Runways and Oscars were filled with flesh toned fashions and skin toned shades. Whether it be a cocktail dress, everyday casual, active, or sporty, this is an easy trend that can be incorporated into your wardrobe. The great thing about nude is that is can be paired with cargo, khaki, white, black, red, or grey. Even better is combining several shades of nude together to complete your look. The rule of thumb is to not let the nude shade wash you out. Never choose a shade that matches your flesh tone exactly. Lighter complexions should choose shades that are more rosy and pink in shades, while darker complexions can go for a more taupe or sandy. Look in the mall and grab pieces to go with what you already have. Whether it be a dress, blouse, cardigan, or jacket. Oh and please don't forget about the nude pump! This is a must-have for the season! It will immediately make your legs look longer, leaner, and is flattering on everyone! Choose from a nude, classic heel, to a platform, peep-toe, or strappy sandal, all the way to a ballerina flat.

#4 Getting Your Natural Skin Tone Ready ~ Body
Exfoliating and moisturizing are your two best friends to prep your skin tone and texture for Spring. Your skin has been shielded and is probably very dry from the harsh winter cold and indoor heat. The best type of exfoliation would be a sugar base for sensitive skin and a salt base for more normal skin. I have written on Carol's Daughter Brown Sugar Scrub and am in love with it. It has Vitamin E, Olive Oil, combined with brown sugar which is not only a great exfoliant, but very hydrating. Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrubs are amazing as well.  Combined with Shea Butter and Vitamin C, a great combination to smooth and hydrate. After exfoliating, I suggest using either Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream or one of the Tree Hut Shea Body Butters. These in combination with the exfoliants will leave your skin smooth and heavenly, ready just in time for Spring!

#5 Getting Your Natural Skin Tone Ready ~ Face
Fruit enzyme is amazing for the face and will get your skin smooth and brightened just in time for Spring. I have written on the Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask before, but this mask is not only great for maintenance, but it is great if this is your first time using an exfoliating mask. It is gentle, yet effective. Simply wash your face and place the exfoliating mask on the skin up to ten minutes and rinse. You can use this mask up to three times a week! Moisturize day and nigh and within two weeks you will have your skin Springtime ready and your nudes will go on beautifully!

Cheers to Going Nude and Being Gorgeous!!



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