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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Preserving Your Fall Beauty!

It's November! The weather is getting cooler and all the Fall decor and colors are in full effect. You are starting to unpack all your winter sweaters and jackets and shopping for the latest Fall trend ~ I am loving anything that includes suede knee boots!

Well, just like the seasons change, unfortunately, so does our skin. The cooler and crisp the weather gets, the drier our whole body gets. Your summer lotions just don't seem to hydrate like they use too. Your hair and especially your scalp are starting to feel dry and your ends brittle. What about your makeup? For some reason, that summer bronzer you were using is now starting to look a little too dark, muddy, and not natural at all. Well, if you are experiencing any of these changes, you have come to the right place.  Below you will find tips on hydrating your body and face, ways to treat and fix your dry scalp and hair, and how to change over to your winter makeup without breaking the budget!

Skin. Hydrating the Body & Face
Fall is here which means it's time to change from your light lotions you used in the summer, to a more hydrating cream. The easiest way to do this is to look at the brand you already have in your lotion and get the cream version. Creams are going to be thicker and will hydrate and protect your skin through these harsh weather changes. Some great creams that smells wonderful are all of Carol's Daughter Body Butters. If you are looking for more therapeutic treatments, some of my all time favorites are Cetaphil Cream and Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion in either the Aloe version (for healing) or the Shea Butter (for softening). A little goes a long way with creams, so you don't have to use too much. Pay close attention to your elbows, knees, and heels. Make sure and pack a hand cream version as well so your hands stay hydrated throughout the day.

Skin. Shea Butter
Click here to check out The Power Of Shea article. I have been using pure 100% Shea Butter on my body and face for the past three weeks and absolutely LOVE it! I am more prone to acne and completely thought my skin would breakout when I used it on my face, but it has done everything, but breakout! Seriously. My face and body are smooth like butter, my dark spots are going away and my skin is more even. I have eczema too and it's helped heal it tremendously.  It comes from Africa and is enriched with fatty acids that promote healing. Full of Vitamins A, E, and F and help with everything you can imagine ~ wrinkles, acne, dark spots, diaper rash, the list goes on and on.

Skin. Exfoliate Your Body. Brown Sugar & Honey Body Scrub
Click here for the recipe. Just like your face, if you are dry and moisturize without exfoliating, your skin will still be dry. Why? Because dead skin cells build-up and create a barrier that keep the moisturizer from penetrating and hydrating. If you are dry and have the heaviest cream, you will never truly get hydrated without exfoliating first. I was speaking to my girlfriend and she mentioned her esthetician made a homemade body scrub that was amazing. All you need is brown sugar (for soft exfoliation), honey (for hydration), olive oil (for hydration), a Vitamin E capsule (hydration), and lemon juice (brightening). Mix it together and you have your scrub. Add some essential oils like chamomile or lavender as well. Click here to get the recipe.Your skin will be detoxed, your dead skin cells removed, revealing brighter and smoother skin. You can put it on dry skin before you get in the shower or you can use it on damp skin. Do this weekly and put on your favorite cream or Shea butter afterwards and wow! What a difference! In the morning, smooth, detoxed, and brightened skin that is completely hydrated. Don't forget to pay close attention to those elbows, knees, and heels.

Hair. Oiling Your Scalp & Hair
Click here for the How To details. This tip is for all hair types that are experiencing dry scalp and dry, brittle hair from the weather changes, hair coloring or chemicals. Weather changes can bring embarrassing dry scalp. In order to get rid of this and keep your strands hydrated and protected, oiling your scalp and hair is key. The Indian women do this on a regular basis, using 100% coconut oil, concentrating on massaging the oil into the scalp. This stimulates circulation, nourishes your strands, and helps to get rid of dry scalp. Do it as a steam treatment once a week or once a month and you will see a guaranteed difference.

Makeup. Fall Makeup. It's All About The Illuminating and Glow
Click here for the How To details. When the weather changes, your skin color does too. Your color is not as sun-kissed as it was in August, so you will need to change your bronzer and possibly your foundation/powder color. What's the easy way to do this? Go one shade lighter on your bronzer and one shade lighter on your foundation/powder. Simple. Here's a trick. If you want to have more of a naturally bronzed look, go without the shimmer, and choose a pressed powder that's darker. This will give you some color during the winter months, but a more natural finish than a shimmer would. Don't worry. You can highlight and add shimmer over top so you are glowing through the Fall. Click here for the suggested products.

I love hearing your feedback so please leave a comment on what other topics you would like me to write on.

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