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Monday, April 26, 2010

30 Minute Home Facial. Smoother Skin Guaranteed!

Do you want to achieve that soft, smooth, glowing, even toned skin every week? Do you want to be that girl who walks into a room with that confidence, knowing her skin looks fresh, clean, smooth and flawless? Well, here's your answer! This 30 minute home facial is quick and easy. Great for the busy mom who doesn't seem to have a minute to herself, the young girl who wants to have that clean, fresh look, and for the woman who is noticing some fine lines and maybe a rough, lackluster look. Your makeup will not only go on smoother, but this is something you can add into the middle of your weekend recovery mode while you're relaxing on a Sunday. This quick facial will give you the results you want and will give you that 30 minutes to yourself. So without any delay, here are the details to achieving smooth skin!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Makeup. Article: The Power of Bronzer!

The weather is finally getting warmer and you want your skin to glow.  Or, maybe where you are the weather is still cool and your skin is paler than you'd like, so you want to warm up your skin and make it look sun-kissed.  Well ladies, if you've noticed, bronzer is probably one of the most popular beauty products out there!  Most women can't live with out it regardless of their age, skin tone, or skin type.  It's that one product that can make or break your look.  When done wrong, women can look baked and overdone rather than sun-kissed, but when done right, watch out world!  Bronzer really didn't hit the masses until Jennifer Lopez became the infamous J.Lo.  It was J.Lo's bronzed look in all her videos and magazine shoots that began the Bronze Madness!