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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Product Review. BeautyBlender

Everyone wants that look that if you wear makeup, you don't ever want it to look like you're wearing makeup.  You want to have that perfect, flawless face.  You want your makeup to go into your skin effortlessly.  You actually want your makeup to look like your skin. Well, problem solved!  The Beautyblender is a must have if you want that flawless, perfect skin finish. It's a sponge, but not just any sponge.  It's Hollywood's latest makeup secret.  All the Hollywood set makeup artists swear on this.
The thing is, when you use your fingers or that infamous triangle sponge, you can get streaks and that makeup look we all hate.  The Beautyblender is beyond amazing!  By using this, your makeup will actually look like your skin and is latex free, non-allergenic, and odor free.  I found this secret while visiting my sister (and stuntwoman) in L.A.  We had gone to one of the best makeup stores that all the A-list industry people go to and when she saw this cute, peculiar looking sponge, she had mentioned that while she was on a movie set, the makeup artist used it and her makeup was amazing!  The makeup artist at the store confirmed her testimony and added that the Beautyblender was a must have purchase.  It comes with a cleanser called the Blendercleanser as well.  The makeup artist mentioned the cleanser is also a must have.  Cleansing your Beautyblender every time you use it will make it last up to one year!   Of course I have both and love them.  Check out the picture and more on how to use it and the cleanser to purchase in the Product Review section.  Please visit their site where you can view more on the product, there's a great tutorial, and more on the cleanser! Enjoy!


  1. Where can I purchase the BeautyBlender?

  2. Hi Tiffany. It looks like you can purchase at Sephora. Check out this link http://www.sephora.com and do a search for Beautyblender. I know they have it available to purchase online, so I don't see why they wouldn't have it available in store. I purchased the sponge/cleanser set which is around $35.00. A great investment since it can last up to one year. Let me know how it goes. Enjoy!