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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

True Beauty Corner. Article: What is True Beauty?

A question that is often asked by many is, what is true beauty? Women, young and old, more than ever are trying to find it in a miracle cream, lotion, injectable (Botox), and surgery. There are constant airbrushed images that bombard us on television and magazines. We can't ever get away from them, but then there are some that look forward to seeing these perfections in the media. The obsessiveness to be perfect is near its maximum state. In everything that would qualify as external. It seems the need to achieve perfection in skin, hair, makeup, and bodies is at its height. Wow. The pressures of being a woman. Whether you are a young adult in her 20's, a wife, a sister, a mother, or a mother of a preteen, it seems we can never escape this pressure. There's always something new to try and not to mention those mirrors that magnify 20 times! Where do we go from here?

The fact is, there will always be some woman more perfect than the next. Being the same and striving to be perfect is far from true beauty. True beauty is not external. The external will always fade away. True beauty lies within. As a woman, and as a young lady growing up, we have heard that often. Beauty is not external rather, beauty is love, beauty is how you treat people, beauty is knowing who you are in truth, and beauty is character. It is very easy to pick up the latest cream or to pick that primer that makes your pores disappear, but all these items do is mask the true beauty inside of you. It is up to each one of us to take the time out of each day to develop our true beauty within. Here are a few tips that you can incorporate in your life that will help you on your way to true beauty:

1. Beauty is love and how you treat people. One of the best definitions found of love is in the Bible which sums it up very profoundly. Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast. It is not proud. Love is how you treat one another. It is being a humble friend and really applying that golden rule to do onto others as you would have done onto you. Ask yourself this question, Am I kind and genuinely friendly to others? Taking the time to simply say hello or holding the door open for a complete stranger. This is one way your true beauty will shine through.

2. Beauty is knowing who you are in truth. Take a moment to look in the mirror. Place the mirror in natural light so you can really see yourself. Now instead of looking at your imperfections, make a list of what you like about you. Maybe it's your eye color, or your crooked smile you inherited from your mom. Better yet, begin to admire and love the things that make you different. Who are you in this mirror? Write this positive list and whenever a negative thought comes in about your external image, look back at your list to remind yourself of what's uniquely yours.

3. Beauty is character. What kind of person are you when no one's looking? Really think about that question for a minute. When no one's looking, are you honest, trustworthy, and loving? Are you dependable and follow through with what you say you're going to do, or do you just have the best intentions to do what is right? Answer these questions honestly, and strive to build a rock solid character. Ask someone you trust to tell you about your character.

So, what is true beauty? True beauty is striving to be the best you can as friend, mother, wife, teenager, and starting from the inside. Always go back to these few exercises to see where you stand in your true beauty. Remember, beauty always shines from the inside out. Being a better person will never fade away and it will never leave you. Stay true to you and your beauty will stay true to you.

Copyright 2010 Lori Moore. All Rights Reserved.

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