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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Skin. Face Care FAQs. Skin Care Made Easy.

FAQs. Frequently Asked Questions. Inspired by my sorority sisters who are beautiful, multi-tasking moms, career women, and wives.

  1. When's the best time to cleanse my skin? Is it necessary to cleanse day and night?
  2. What are the top four questions I need to ask myself before I get started with my skin care?
  3. Is my spring and summer skin care different then my fall and winter care?
  4. What Face Concern Level am I? Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3?
  5. What's better, an aesthetician or dermatologist?
  6. What medicine should I start with?

When's the best time to cleanse my skin? Is it necessary to cleanse day and night?
  • Cleansing your skin day and night is not necessary. Evening cleansing is best. I would suggest washing your face twice at night and rinsing in the morning. At night, your 1st cleanse will be to wash your makeup, dirt, sweat, and residue off. All of these things accumulate on your skin throughout the day, so removing this is the most important. The 2nd cleanse is to actually clean your skin. If you do this, there is no need to wash your skin with cleanser in the morning. Simply rinse.
  • SHB PRO TIP #1: Don’t forget to wash your hands first before you begin to wash your face. This will help alleviate additional dirt and bacteria getting onto your skin.

 What are the top four questions I need to ask myself before I get started with my skin care?
  • With your makeup off, look at your skin in the mirror.
    1. What does your face skin look like? (Do you see dark spots, breakouts, post-acne scars, redness, lines/wrinkles, pores)
    2. What about around your eyes? (Do you see any fine lines, puffiness, dark circles)
    3. What does your face skin feel like throughout the day? (Does it feel tight, comfortable, irritated,  or oily)
    4. What does your neck and chest look like? (Do you see discoloration, freckles, any lines/wrinkles) Once you answer these 4 questions, you are now ready to get into a face care that suits your skin concerns and skin type. 
  • SHB PRO TIP #2: Your face is from your boobs up. This includes your neck and chest so keep this in mind before your begin your face care. Make sure and look at your neck and chest when you are answering these questions. You should always Cleanse, Treat, and Moisturize all these areas. Cleansing will clean and balance your skin, Treatments (your medicine) will fix your concerns faster than just using a cleanser and moisturizer alone, and Moisturizing is very important, even if you are oily. Remember that every skin needs water, not oil. The more water you have in your skin, the less oily you will be.
  • SHB PRO TIP #3: Most people do not have a medicine for their skin. They have a cleanser and a moisturizer, but nothing that will maintain and change their skin. No one wants their skin to age, so a medicine will maintain and nourish the health of your skin and prevent the aging process.

Is my spring and summer skin care different then my fall and winter care? 
  • Yes. You should have two different medicines for the year. One for the spring/summer six months and one for the fall/winter six months.
  • SHB PRO TIP #4: I suggest having two different Face Care medicines twice a year to help maintain your skin’s balance. Your Spring and Summer medicine will be different then your Fall and Winter medicine. Your lifestyle changes significantly w/ the seasons, your environment outdoors as well as your environment indoors. Just think. Sun, humidity, harsh wind, cold, indoor heat, and air conditioning all effect your skin and its care. So adapting your skin care routine every six months is necessary in maintaining your skin’s overall health. 

What Face Concern Level am I? Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3?  
  • Level 1. Overall, you have always had good and balanced skin. No major issues. Your friends, family, and strangers have always complimented you on how great your skin is. You do very little in terms of Face Care. Maybe a cleanser, maybe a moisturizer, maybe just soap and water. Your main goal is maintain your skin and prevent any signs of aging.
  • Level 2. You are beginning to see changes in your skin. Maybe you are experiencing dry patches. Maybe you had acne at one point but now they’ve left spots. Maybe you breakout 1-2 times a month or when you're getting your monthly. You may be starting to see lines and wrinkles when you smile, but then they go away. Your main goal is to fix or combat what you’re beginning to see and achieve that Level 1 maintenance. 
  • Level 3. You have more active skin. You may have been working on your skin for awhile, possibly with the assistance of a dermatologist and/or aesthetician, and are still experiencing breakouts, pigmentation, and/or acne scarring. You may be experiencing a new hormonal imbalance and don't know what to do. Nothing seems to be balancing your skin. You skin may even be hyper sensitive now since you’ve tried so many products. Frustration might be happening since nothing seems to be working. Your main goal is to finally have no more active skin. To achieve that healthy, balanced, and nourished skin.

What's better, an aesthetician or dermatologist?  
  • This is a tough question since all skin professionals are different with how they service. Part of the role of an aesthetician is to take the time to do a thorough skin analysis and customize your skin care routine based off his or her analysis, whereas a dermatologist will predominately look over you skin but mainly prescribe a medication that fits your need, basing their suggestions highly on your feedback and point of view on how you see your skin. Ideally, whichever skin professional you choose should take their time with you, analyze your skin and customize a skin routine that fits in with you and your lifestyle. Any certified professional should want to provide you with the necessary steps in improving your skin concerns, rather than just prescribing a prescription to mask your concern(s). Overall, a aesthetician usually goes deeper in their service with you. Not to mention, the facial itself is very relaxing! They will analyze your skin and customize a professional maintenance and homecare program that will fit you and your skin. 
  • SHB PRO TIP #5: The more research I do, I am seeing more dermatologists partner with aesthetic and facial services. In one stop, you can now get all aspects of your face care, a doctor level analysis, a customized pro maintenance program w/ an aesthetician, and a prescription and home care. It's all under one roof now. How convenient! Just be careful. Do your research. Ask a lot of questions. Ask if they specialize in ethnic skin? You only have one face so taking the time to do your research will pay off in the long run.

What medicine should I start with?  
  • The #1 medicine to use for all skin types, for all four seasons, and for all Face Concern Levels is a Vitamin C Serum. A serum based medicine will always penetrate deeper than a lotion form, so make sure you have a serum form. Vitamin C is the one product that fixes more than one concern. It is a multi-purpose power serum! It smooths out lines and wrinkles, brightens, evens scarring and/or dark spots, minimizes breakouts, balances and hydrates, and soothes and heals sensitive skin. On top of all of these benefits, Vitamin C will protect your skin from future damage. I can't say enough amazing things about Vitamin C! 
  • SHB PRO TIP #6: Incorporate Vitamin C in your food and diet and as a supplement to hit your skin at all angles.
  • SHB PRO TIP #7: My favorite Vitamin C serums are located in in the Product Review section here. Take a look. They will be listed by Face Concern Levels so please make sure and catagorize yourself accordingly (FAQs Question #4). If you have any specific questions, you can always ask me a question on the Home Page. Simply click on the contact me button to send me a message.  

It's So Great To Be Back!

I am officially renewed and inspired. I can't believe it's been three years since my last post. It's so good to be back. A lot has happened since 2012. My son is almost two. My life as a wife and working mom has taken on a whole new level to multi-tasking! Life has a way with things. I just left from a major bonding weekend with my sorority sisters. It was our fifteen year reunion. Thirty-five sisters gathered together. We shared tears, laughter, and struggles. It was so refreshing to see such strong women all have a since of transparency and a new found love for one another. My only expression as I left that Sunday was tears of joy. I couldn't stop them from flowing. A last minute Q&A forum took place earlier that day. So many questions were overflowing about anti-aging. No doubt one of the things we fear the most as we get older. Great questions were asked which has inspired me to write again! So, stay tuned for easier tips on everything beauty. I will help you navigate through this thing called aging. New research and product suggestions to keep you current. Exciting things to come at SHB. Stay tuned and visit often!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Skin! Pretty Sunscreen!

Before you go out in the sun, you should always wear sunscreen, right? This rule is enforced all the time. You probably have one in your daily moisturizer or even in your makeup which is a great start. The key question is - Do you REAPPLY your sunscreen? Most of us don't because we would never think to put a sunscreen on OVER our makeup. Or, if you reapply like you're suppose to, you may look and feel greasy. Not pretty. Well, here are the top 2 ways you can actually reapply sunscreen and refresh your makeup all at the same time. Even better, you can now protect your skin from skin cancer and aging in a Pretty Way. Here's your quick and easy guide.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Go Nude and Be Gorgeous!

Nude is IN! The trend for Spring ~ any and all things nude! The color nude that is. When it comes to your lips, your nail polish color, and your wardrobe, it is all about the various shades of cream, beige, sandy, apricot, caramel, coffee, and mocha ~ every hue and shade is ready for you.  The weather is steadily warming up, so it's time to get your mind, skin, and beauty ready to experience nude. This is your go-to guide on keeping this trend simple. You will find the Top 5 Tips on finding the perfect nude shade when deciding your lip and nail color, how to incorporate nude shade variations into your wardrobe, and of course talking about getting your natural skin tone ready for Spring.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Super Foods For Super Beauty!

Beauty is more than skin deep and skin care is a billion dollar industry! Companies are capitalizing on the obsession of preserving the look of youth as long as possible. Creams, treatments, injections, and plastic surgery are cashing in everyday. Well, here in our own kitchens, are key Super Foods that hold huge amounts of beauty ingredients that promise to prevent and preserve your youth! So, what are they? Below, you will find a whole list of ways you can naturally preserve your youth by reducing wrinkles, acne, dark spots, and sun damage! Begin to incorporate some of these key Super Foods in your weekly diet, and you will begin to see a change in your skin as well as your overall health!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Preserving Your Fall Beauty!

It's November! The weather is getting cooler and all the Fall decor and colors are in full effect. You are starting to unpack all your winter sweaters and jackets and shopping for the latest Fall trend ~ I am loving anything that includes suede knee boots!

Well, just like the seasons change, unfortunately, so does our skin. The cooler and crisp the weather gets, the drier our whole body gets. Your summer lotions just don't seem to hydrate like they use too. Your hair and especially your scalp are starting to feel dry and your ends brittle. What about your makeup? For some reason, that summer bronzer you were using is now starting to look a little too dark, muddy, and not natural at all. Well, if you are experiencing any of these changes, you have come to the right place.  Below you will find tips on hydrating your body and face, ways to treat and fix your dry scalp and hair, and how to change over to your winter makeup without breaking the budget!

Monday, April 26, 2010

30 Minute Home Facial. Smoother Skin Guaranteed!

Do you want to achieve that soft, smooth, glowing, even toned skin every week? Do you want to be that girl who walks into a room with that confidence, knowing her skin looks fresh, clean, smooth and flawless? Well, here's your answer! This 30 minute home facial is quick and easy. Great for the busy mom who doesn't seem to have a minute to herself, the young girl who wants to have that clean, fresh look, and for the woman who is noticing some fine lines and maybe a rough, lackluster look. Your makeup will not only go on smoother, but this is something you can add into the middle of your weekend recovery mode while you're relaxing on a Sunday. This quick facial will give you the results you want and will give you that 30 minutes to yourself. So without any delay, here are the details to achieving smooth skin!